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How will my tuition be paid?

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Understanding how various military benefits cover tuition and fees is crucial for a smooth enrollment process at ECC. IVG, ING, the MIA/POW Scholarship, and GI Bill® Chapter 33 (Post 9/11) will send tuition and/or fee payments directly to the school.

  • If you are not receiving 100 percent of tuition coverage from Chapter 33, you are responsible for any balance due to ECC.
  • The IVG and ING will cover tuition charges and the once-per-term registration fee. The student is responsible for all other non-tuition-based fees. 
  • The MIA/POW Scholarship does not cover the once-per-term registration fee. 
  • If you are receiving other benefits (s), you must complete a payment plan to secure your classes for that semester. It is recommended that all students apply for federal student aid.
  • Fees – If you owe more than $10 in fees and do not pay your balance, you will be dropped from your classes.


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