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I just got out of the service, and I am interested in going to college; where do I start?

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Thank you for your military service! Whether starting college for the first time or re-entering college, ECC welcomes veterans home to a great college experience. Expect personalized attention to help you select a program of study that incorporates the skills you learned in the military with work in a field you enjoy. If you have never used your benefits, you should:

  1. Complete the application for benefits at
  2. Complete an application for admission.
  3. Register for classes.
  4. Submit the following to the Financial Aid & Scholarships Office:

Submit your paperwork, “The Veteran and Military Benefit Activation Form,” to Financial Aid Office before ECC’s payment due date to secure tuition payment for classes and BHA/MHA. To see how much your BHA/MHA will be, visit Illinois BAH (Basic Allowance Housing) Rates. All items must be submitted to the Financial Aid & Scholarships Office via email at or call 847-214-7360 with any questions.


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